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Land cleared in hemlock forest for new home construction in the Wisconsin northwoods


The best way to summarize the contractor services we offer at Lake Mitchell Construction, Inc. would be “movement” services. Some of these movement services include moving construction waste, removing dirt for an artificial pond, demolishing a building, and more. Services like these are common in the surrounding areas of Clanton, AL, so we are fortunate to always have projects to do.

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Commercial Services

Construction wasted disposal bin used at the construction site.

Roll-Off Dumpster Service

*also available for individuals

We provide 15 to 30-yard dumpsters for your every need. Common uses are new construction, roof removal, and remodeling.

15 Yard Dumpster

Holds: 6 pickup loads
Dimensions: 10’0″L x 7’11″W x 4’7″H
Best Use: Heavy materials

20 Yard Dumpster

Holds: 8 pickup loads
Dimensions: 21’11″L x 7’0″W x 3’6″H
Best Use: Ideal for heavy-debris home clean-outs and remodeling cleanup

30 Yard Dumpster

Holds: 14 pickup loads
Dimensions: 21’11″L x 7’0″W x 5’2″H
Best Use: Ideal for office or large home renovation projects or junk removal

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Hydraulic crusher excavator backoe machinery working on site demolition


We are highly experienced in controlled demolition services. We are happy to be your demolition specialists when you’re looking for a fresh start!

Lake Mitchell Construction | Clanton, AL

Dump Truck Services

We are happy to provide you with dump truck services for several different kinds of projects. We can bring you materials and also haul them away.
Road construction in picture blurred

Paving/ Asphalt

*also available for individuals

Paving and asphalt services are one of the major services we provide. We have invested in top-of-the-line equipment to make sure we provide the best work that’s possible from a contractor.

Private drive way, street rehabilitation and slurry seal project finished with crews expertly applying the slurry seal. Re-surfaced Cul-de-sac shown with unidentifiable crew working

Seal Coating

*also available for individuals

Sealing your parking lot or driveway is important to do every few years in order to protect your paving or asphalt job.

Car parking in large asphalt parking lot with trees, white cloud and blue sky background in front of hall building. Outdoor parking lot with fresh ozone and green environment concept

Parking Lots

A great-looking parking lot serves as a great first impression for your customers when they visit your business. Lake Mitchell Construction is happy to make this happen for you.

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Residential Services

View of row of mobile homes in trailer park.

Mobile Home Pads

There are several different types of materials used to make a home pad for underneath a mobile home. Depending on the land, our professionals will determine which material would be best to use when we put in the pad for your new mobile home.
This land owner has recently cleared a section of natural forest away that was on his land, allowing him to now plant a new commercial crop such as tobacco.

Land Clearing

*also available as commercial service

Are you looking to build a new home on the property that you purchased? We are highly experienced in safely removing trees, bushes, etc., to provide a clear space for the construction of your new home.

Working Excavator Tractor Digging A Trench At Construction Site.

Dirt Work

*also available as commercial service

Complementary to land clearing, we are specialists when it comes to adding or removing dirt, so the layout of their property is exactly what our customers are looking to accomplish.

Hole excavated in the garden for artificial pond construction.

Lake & Pond Construction

*also available as commercial service

Are you interested in having your own pond in your backyard for fishing, boating, swimming, and countless other activities? At Lake Mitchell Construction, we are experienced in providing this wonderful service for our residential customers.

Two plastic underground storage tanks placed below ground for harvesting rainwater. The underground water septic tanks, for use as ecological recycling rainwater.

Septic Tank Installation

*also available as commercial service

Septic tank installation can be a dirty job, but somebody has to do it! We install new septic tanks, plastic or concrete, and also take out old septic tank systems to upgrade your plumbing system.

Working excavator tractor digging a trench for pipenlineat at construction site. Digger machine digging and removing earth

Backhoe Services

*also available as commercial service

With our two backhoes, we can be there for whatever service you need. Common uses of a backhoe are dirt-moving and boulder removal.

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call one of our friendly customer service providers.

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