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Asphalt Laying Pavement
Asphalt Laying Pavement

The Proof is in the Paving!

We are proud of the work we do at Lake Mitchell Construction, Inc. Our services are unique to Clanton, AL because we provide many services that our competitors do not! Yes, you can easily find a paving contractor to pave your driveway or parking lot, but we are experts when it comes to all sorts of things that are complementary to paving like land clearing and dirt removal services.

When a customer of ours, residential or commercial, comes to us, not only can we provide excellent paving, but we can use our backhoe services to move dirt. We can also demolish an old structure that’s in the way if needed. Depending on the job, many of our services go hand-in-hand.

Another service that we provide for our customers is welding gas tank exchange. Our staff is highly trained in the safe-handling of inert & reactive gases and the tanks they come in.

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Lake Mitchell Construction Gallery

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at some previous jobs that we’ve done! This is a great way for a customer to see what we do every day at Lake Mitchell Construction, Inc. Enjoy!

Clanton, AL | Lake Mitchell Construction


In this photo, you can see one of our backhoes moving dirt into one of our dump trucks.
Clanton, AL | Lake Mitchell Construction

Welding Gases

Welding gases come in these containers. We are happy to refill your tank or provide you with a new one. We also sell all sorts of welding products to complement the welding gases we provide.

Clanton, AL | Lake Mitchell Construction

Building a Pond

Similar to the first photo, here we are, using a backhoe and a dump truck to build a pond for a customer.
Clanton, AL | Lake Mitchell Construction

Dump Trucks

One of our dump trucks, loaded up with topsoil and gravel for a customer.
Clanton, AL | Lake Mitchell Construction

Roll-off Dumpster

In this photo, a Lake Mitchell Construction dumpster is filled up and ready to be hauled away.
Clanton, AL | Lake Mitchell Construction

More Roll-off Dumpsters

The blue dumpster is one of ours. This one in particular is 20 yards long.

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